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Per Serving and Ingredients

GF Offers non-fat, sugar free yogurt that's made with Stevia

Open: 7 days per week
Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

"Great Flavor Frozen Yogurt"

Located Next to Gyroville

GF Frozen Yogurt

  • All non-fat yogurts
  • All gluten-free
  • all sweetened with natural fructose
  • No table sugar
  • Frozen Greek Yogurt
  • sugar free Stevia based frozen Yogurt
  • Two delicious non-dairy, lactose free frozen yogurts.

Please come by and try our Great Flavor Frozen Yogurt

You'll LOVE IT!

2855 SW Wanamaker Road

Topeka, KS. 66614

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GF Frozen Yogurt

GF Frozen Yogurt